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Keep studying and you can also practice astrology. Mysha — If I understand your chart correctly Pisces ascendant? The addition of MA to the kendras adds some technical expertise, of which engineering is the most common example. So yes, Civil Engineering sounds like a good choice. I have a question I have sun and mercury conjucted with aries in 10th house in my birth chart.

Mars with cancer in 1st house. Moon, jupiter, and venus is in 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th respectively. And rahu and ketu at 5th and 12th. Any government job in my kundli or not..? Daljeet — The chart you describe is muddled.

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RA and KE always opposite are 5th and 12th not opposite? Ascendant is in 8th. Counting from asc, saturn is in ascendant, sun in 3rd, mercury in 4th, mars in 6th, moon in 9th. This was not my first choice of career.

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I just chose it for the sake of choosing. Combining saturn, moon, Venus, and Sun. Should i be doing landscape designing or designing gardens? But i need to fit mars in as well! So, will it go well or should i look elsewhere? My mercury seems to be weak right? Neha — Angular kendra houses are those that are counted inclusively from the ascendant. In the limited information you gave me, it sounds like only Mercury 4th house and Saturn 1st house are angular. This is good for maths and sciences and related careers, eg, accounting, economics, programming, scientific research.

Naresh — In describing your chart, you left out Mars. Therefore, on this basis I judge that you are not suited for government business because you lack initiative, leadership skill or administrative ability. Furthermore, because absent Mars owns the 4th and 9th houses, your education is lacking. Very nice article, sir my daughter has Capricorn ascendant ,Saturn moon Jupiter in fifth house and mars in eleventh house aspects each other and Sun in second and rahu in sixth can you suggest educational stream or profession..

Fields of Communications, Education or Marketing sector spring first to mind.

When do I get an excellent job. How is my future? Consult a local astrologer. Nice article.

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My Mars is in 11th with Jupiter and Ketu. I have Moon in 3rd, Rahu in 5th, Venus in 9th and Saturn in 12th. Anu — Your chart is identical to that of one Sayan Kumar Nath who asked a different question. Are you writing me under two different names? Re your question, Moon opposite Venus will always give artistic inclinations.

Organize your time and follow your dream. Follow Alan on :. Influences on the first and 10th houses Now that we understand the capacity for all planets to influence both the house they occupy and the house directly opposite, we realize that so long as a planet is angular it will either occupy or aspect the 1st or 10th house. Career themes by planet Aside from caste stereotypes, however, a more comprehensive understanding of planetary natures can afford much greater insight into career potential. Career themes via planetary combinations Although a single strong planet might very well nudge the client into a certain occupation or career, in practice we expect more complexity.

Logging In View October 16, Alan replied:. View January 19, View February 7, Also i want to know about my political career Thanks. View February 26, View April 24, View April 5, Sayan Kumar Nath. View May 9, There are many rules that will help us find thedominating planet. Next to the dominating planet we have a secondary or even atertiary planet, which helps or co rules the areas of profession and income ina person? Of the many rules what help us determine thedominating planet as far as livelihood is concerned the foremost is theoccupant of the 10th house of Karma or activity in this life.

If many planetsare occupying the 10th house there will be mixed influences which means theperson may follow different activities at different times or pursue it at thesame time. The strongest planet in the chart gives anotherreliable clue. This process of finding the strongest planet is not a simpleone. To know this we will have to find out the Shadbala of each planet.

It maytake a person at least one full day to do it manually since there are about 30formulas to find this out. With computers these are easy. Moreover the numbersinvolved are numbers like 0. Even if the astrologer does itsuccessfully the question arises whether it was correct.

Assuming that he doesit correctly, the next question is why should an astrologer waste so much timeto calculate something for which computers are naturally good at. There is another important rule, the Dasamsa chart. This is a chart, which is derived from the Rasi Chart which no doubt is themost important chart. However, the Dasamsa chart is a finer view of thesituation relating to ones livelihood. Hum-drum, boring, routine jobs will make them crazy and then they'll make you crazy. Depending on other factors in their chart, they may look for this via excitement, such as in the military; living in a fantasy world such as writing; or seeking spiritual summits such as yoga or new age pursuits.

They key word is "transcend" to another level of existence. If it's too down to Earth, it won't work. They have vivid imaginations and thrive on experiences that take them one step beyond reality. The more you can utilize their visionary tendencies, the happier you both will be. They can view the world through rose-colored glasses, however, and be deeply disappointed when it doesn't measure up.

If they're not comfortable with the status quo, they may try to change it in a slow, persistent Water Sign fashion, though if it's a formidable obstacle, they will probably be overcome by stress, which they don't handle particularly well. This is another sign that can be high maintenance if not properly matched with the task description. Putting It All Together. We've all known people, perhaps even ourselves, who are entirely different people on a personal level versus in the workplace.

This is where the House cusps come into play. The 2nd House will imbue the person with an attitude toward finances and possessions that is characteristic of the sign on that particular cusp; the sign on the 6th House cusp will describe the general work environment that is most comfortable and how they approach their tasks; and the sign on the 10th House cusp will indicate how the person approaches their ambitions or life's work. Remember that these will be more accurate when based on your personal Natal Chart , so the extrapolations below will have some bearing, but are likely to be a bit "off" unless you were born early in the morning such that your Ascendant 1st House is the same as your Sun Sign.

If you know your Ascendant, then look at both. Check out our Business Forecast Report! Timing is Everything If you read your horoscope on a regular basis, you've noticed that one of the things I typically address is which house the bulk of activity will be in each month. Putting It All Together We've all known people, perhaps even ourselves, who are entirely different people on a personal level versus in the workplace. They also like to be first. They will actively seek opportunities for advancement and not be satisfied until they reach the top of the mountain, much like their fellow horned-animal and Cardinal Sign, Capricorn the Goat.

Part of being numero uno includes having the fastest car or biggest house and having a big bank account doesn't hurt their feelings, either, though being in debt a bit doesn't bother them. Since they want to be on top they work hard and do a good job, criticizing others if they don't live up to their standards. This, of course, is another way of saying "I'm the best. They prefer a pleasant work environment with whatever aesthetics are possible. If you've seen that email of the soldier in Iraq who had his wife send him American soil and grass seed, which he cultivated outside his barracks and lovingly trims with scissors, this fits this description and I suspect that soldier is either a Bull or Taurus ascendant.

Bulls also want to distinguish themselves as being unique in their field in some way. Gemini Cancer Scorpio Pisces Twins often enjoy working at home and tend to be emotionally attached to various items that have sentimental value. They excel at research of any description and enjoy uncovering previously hidden information through synthesizing data. Many are drawn to pursue advanced degrees and will go on learning for their entire lifetime.

Idealism regarding their role in making a positive difference in the world in some way is an ongoing driver. Cancer Leo Sagittarius Aries Crabs know they're worth every penny they're paid, plus some, and can become very offended and emotionally wounded if they know they're underpaid. They enjoy intellectual stimulation that will possibly lead them to involvement with foreign countries, different cultures, unusual industries, or academia in some way. Crabs will actively pursue promotions and more responsibility such that they work circles around their coworkers.

Leo Virgo Capricorn Taurus Lions like only the best and expect to have it, whether or not they can afford it. They will normally keep their work areas clean and organized and prefer some structure in their work environment, whether in the way of procedures, processes, or other guidelines that are well-defined. They pursue success in a slow, patient, but determined manner and are likely to stick to one career field throughout their lifetime as they value job security and experience. Virgo Libra Aquarius Gemini Virgos crave an orderly, pleasing environment with an artistic flair and their work area will reflect this.

Even if they work as a mechanic, at the least they'll have a calendar that features artwork from the masters, leaving the girly versions to their Scorpio coworkers. They expect fairness in their payscale and can be very insistent about it. They know they work hard and that its quality is high, so expect their paycheck to reflect as much. They tend toward innovative and high-tech fields, but are likely to change careers numerous times, though they're likely to be related in some manner so they can draw from past experience and information gained.

Libra Scorpio Pisces Cancer Libras like to maintain some hidden resources which could manifest by hiding money around the house or having alternate sources of incomes, such as a hobby, avocation, or second career. They possess a touch of idealism regarding their work and if it provides escape of any kind from the real world, all the better. They tend to be somewhat emotionally involved with their work and those around them and usually get along well with others. Scorpio Sagittarius Aries Leo Scorpions are fascinated by anything mysterious and foreign lands fit that description.

Even if they don't ever visit one, they're likely to have either foreign investments, work for a foreign company, or decorate their homes with items that reflect other cultures. They tend to be driven and sometimes aggressive in how they approach their work and expect to be publicly recognized for their accomplishments.

Sagittarius Capricorn Taurus Virgo Archers are practical about financial matters and expect to be paid accordingly.


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They won't be entirely satisfied until they reach the top of their payscale, whatever that may be. They approach their work in a methodical way based on their own experience and resist change and outside direction. They are likely to have a detailed career plan and schedule with well-defined milestones. More than likely they have a globe, world map, or other similar entity representing the world at large in their work area. Working on foreign soil at some time in their life is highly likely. Capricorn Aquarius Gemini Libra Cappies approach their finances in an innovative, matter-of-fact manner and will do whatever is necessary to get where they want to go.

A specific career field is less important than the opportunities it provides. They like variety in their daily job description and expect fairness regarding promotions and recognition; they don't condone favoritism or nepotism, but expect a person to earn their way to the top. Aquarius Pisces Cancer Scorpio Water Bearers aren't always realistic about their finances and also tend to be drawn to jobs in an unusual field that challenges reality in some way.

They tend to look upon their coworkers as extensions of family and get somewhat involved in their lives. Happy Hours with coworkers are often at the core of their social life. Their career aspirations can be ruthless, once they know what they want, and if anyone gets in their way they have reason to watch their back. Pisces Aries Leo Sagittarius Impulsiveness with their financial dealings, i.

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If they're getting what they need, however, this isn't a problem; they can tolerate a daily lifestyle that is quite Spartan provided they're getting their ya-ya's. They require recognition for their work and prefer creative involvement as much as possible. Pursuit of their career ambitions frequently includes foreign travel or academia. Career Considerations. Cardinal Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.

Cardinal signs are good at making decisions and like to be in charge. Fixed Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

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  4. Fixed signs like stability and dislike change. Mutable Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. Mutable signs are flexible and adapt well to change and variety. Fire Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Fire signs require some excitement in their job as boredom is poorly tolerated. Earth Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Earth signs like stability and practicality. Air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Air signs like to communicate.

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    Water Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Water signs are touchie-feelie types who thrive on emotion. Aries are self-directed and thrive on excitement. Taurus' like security, are stable, slow, methodical, and usually quite patient. Geminis love data and get bored easily. Cancers tend to be moody, but as a rule are people-oriented and caring. Leos are another sign that likes some excitement.

    Virgos are detailed oriented and meticulous. Libras are fair by nature and very people-oriented. Scorpios are deeply passionate by nature and are drawn to secrets and mystery. Sagittarius' have a couple hallmarks that are usually reflected in their careers.

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    Cappies like structure and discipline and prefer to work within a known framework. Aquarius' tend to be altruistic and thrive in groups. Pisces are found in a variety of jobs but their common factor is the need for something that helps them escape the real world in some manner. Rams need excitement. Bulls like to have data that substantiates their payscale and to know that they're being paid what they're worth. Twins often enjoy working at home and tend to be emotionally attached to various items that have sentimental value.